Features organoleptic

Intense amber-coloured essence with a scent of orange blossom. Elegant in the mouth with notes of elderflowers, Florence lily, saffron and white sandalwood, highlighting the singularities of orange blossom, díctamo and cinnamon. The result is a vermouth with a bitter touch that makes it special, delicate and at the same time profound.

Preparation and Timing

Vermouth obtained from the fusion of a complex formulation of extremely high quality botanicals and the equally important Cayetana white grape. Three months of careful maceration before bottling, giving way to two months in bottle to acquire the organoleptic characteristics.

Grape Variety: Cayetana

White grape native to the banks of the Guadiana and Gualdaquivir rivers in the province of Badajoz. Low acidity, medium-late ripening, yellow colour with greenish hues, intense perfume of ripe fruit. This grape is little known in the creation of new formulas. The glycerol content of this variety is interesting.

75 cl

The brand's insignia, elegant, balanced, minimalist presentation, reflects the true essence of its interior.

35 cl
Maximum expression

Innovative, minimalist, evocative, perfect for sharing.

Amenity 30 ml

Respecting the potion, it is our best way of welcoming, the path to hedonism.